Report of MED re-introducing Software Patents

Most NZOSS readers will now be aware of this removed, but cached blog that referred to a meeting that NZICT had with MED. NZICT came away with the impression that MED were changing the intent of the Commerce Select Committee's recommendation, and changing the legislation in a way that would allow software to be patentable after all. The Google cache seems to have expired:…

NZOSS President Not Seeking Re-election at AGM

This is a repeat of my announcement to the NZOSS openchat email list:

I need to make an announcement before it becomes more widely published:

I will be standing down as President at the AGM. I have had pleasure of having the role for three years and enjoyed it immensely. It is hard not to stand again.

But it is certainly time for others to take up the reins and set a new tone and possibly priorities and I know some candidates are already girding their loins. So, in light of that here are some highlights of those three years.

Review of Overseas Governments FLOSS Policy

"When open alternatives are available, no citizen or company should be forced or encouraged to use a particular company’s technology to access government information. No citizen or company should be forced or encouraged to choose a closed technology over an open one, through a government having made that choice first." — Neelie Kroes, European Union Competition Commissioner

Realising the Benefits of Open Source

Recently the State Services Commission released a Request for Proposal that specified that the solution should be open source. As a result there was some concern expressed. The NZOSS believes this approach will encourage a level playing field when it comes to offering software development and implementation services by ensuring that many companies will be available to offer software development and implementation services, rather than being locked into a single vendor.

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