AGM 2010

The 2010 AGM of the New Zealand Open Source Society has been held. Thanks to all those who took the time to attend.

Wednesday the 28th of July starting at 5pm.

The meeting will be conducted via an IRC channel for minutes and logging purposes. There will also be a conference line open.

The IRC channel is:

irc:// #nzoss

Instructions to access the conference call are:

- Conference Dial-in Number: +1 (661) 673-8600
- Participant Access Code: 1051251#

Note that this is an International Toll call and normal toll charges will apply.

The Final Agenda is:

The Constitution allows up to 11 Council members in addition to the elected positions of President and Vice President and the Appointed Officers. All Council members must be financial members of the Society.

The current list (20100718) are below:
* Rachel Hamilton-Williams (nominated for President)
* Peter Harrison (Vice President)
* Daniel Reurich
* Vik Olliver
* Matthew Holloway
* Brent Wood
* David Lane
* Francois Marier
* Alick Wilson
* Mark Foster
* Ian Beardslee
* Peter Fletcher
* Brenda Wallace
* Scott Newton

Other nominations for Council received by Friday 9th of July who are financial members are:

* Rachel Hamilton-Williams (nominated for President)
* Ian Beardslee

Under the current rules of the Society the preceeding names, being financial members and having been received by the due date, fill the available Council positions.

Council has noted that there were extra nominations for Council received after the due date and may recommend to the AGM that these extra nominations be accepted. These nominations were:

* Peter Fletcher
* Brenda Wallace

Voting, if required, will be conducted online via the main NZOSS website. You must be a registered and current financial member and be logged in to vote on the website.

We have performed the final reconciliation of current financial membership. Any member who has paid the $40 membership fee at any time in the previous 12 months to Monday 26th July 2010 will be eligible to vote at the 2010 AGM.

To test if you are a current financial member please login and attempt to access

Information on how to become a financial member of the NZOSS is available at

There are three venues available for local meetings for the AGM. These are:

SMX Email offices
Level 15,
Brookfields House
19 Victoria Street West,
New Zealand

Catalyst IT Limited
Level 6, 150-154 Willis Street,
New Zealand

Egressive Limited
Kenton Chambers, Suite 401
190 Hereford Street
Christchurch 8011
New Zealand

Carl Klitscher
Secretary NZOSS