Online services available for NZOSS members, organisations, and individuals

Open source digital productivity and collaboration tools are available to you, whether you're a social enterprise, school, sole trader, or something else!

The NZOSS makes a number of online services available for our members—and the broader New Zealand community—to use. They provide a showcase of free and open source (FOSS) software tools (more recently, we've started referring to them as "LibreSoftware").

Information and advocacy

NZOSS website

This website, It's used to provide info to the community and acts as a historical store of information - it's been upgraded from Drupal 4.7, back in 2008 or 2009. This iteration is built on the Drupal 9 web application/CMS framework.

Many thanks to Carl Klitscher for his heroic work doing the really hard upgrade from Drupal 6->Drupal 8!

Open Standards - our case (and online petition) to convince the NZ government that open standards for software procurement should be mandated across all government agencies. (also a Drupal site)

Software Patents - our previous online petition calling on the NZ government to block the patenting of computer software in this jurisdiction. This successful effort is online for historical purposes, and to assist other countries who are mounting similar domestic efforts to block software from patentability. (yet another Drupal site)

Communication tools

Mailing lists

This was our original but now deprecated way to keeping in touch as a community, but it's fallen by the wayside to a large extent: - our email lists, generously sponsored by OnlineGroups.Net - alongside our main OpenChat list, there're a bunch of special topic groups. Anyone can join! These days, we largely use our Chat, Mastodon, and hoping more people we join our Community, our newest FOSS technology service (built on the amazing Discourse platform, more below)!

Chat - our Rocket.Chat-based messaging platform (which is functionally similar to other rich messaging tools like Slack, Yammer, Mattermost, Riot, and others). We have channels for lots of different tech-specific interest groups - if there's one you'd like to see that's missing, we'll create it! We work with communities of interest - that's FOSS all over. Just sign up to take part!

We're currently also trialling a more complex but much more powerful messaging platform, Matrix (with a Synapse server and Element client) at

Micro-blogging - our Mastodon instance, join us and become part of the Fediverse. Mastodon is a free, non-corporate, distributed social network with some superficial similarities to Twitter.

Video conferencing is a BigBlueButton instance. It is a large-scale video conferencing and presentation platform, supporting many participants and other useful capabilities like participant chat, sharing desktops, presentations, an interactive virtual "whiteboard", recording meetings, and more.

Community forum is a Discourse instance that provides a place for communities-of-interest in NZ to discuss topics of mutual passion in an ad hoc way - just define a new topic! Anyone can sign up, no cost. Recent topics include: video security systems, home automation, open data, meetups going virtual, online education practices, working from home... Add your own!

Outbound email - our instance of the Mautic marketing automation system. You can get an overview and how-to for setting it up. This is a good replacement for proprietary cloud services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Manager. It's disabled at the moment (as it's not being used actively) but if you'd like a look, let us know!

Collaboration tools

Software version control - our GitLab instance, making it easier for FOSS developers here in New Zealand to collaborate. GitLab is similar in many ways to other Git-based forges, like and, although unlike those, it is LibreSoftware/FOSS. Use of this system is a perk of NZOSS financial membership!

Document storage and creation - our NextCloud and Collabora (online, collaborative LibreOffice) and (in 2019) Only Office instances (since 2022 we've shut down the Collabora instance in favour of the OnlyOffice which is just much more polished). This combination - functionally similar to Google Docs + Google Drive or MS Office 365 + MS OneDrive but entirely LibreSoftware - has succeeded, our (now retired) concurrent collaborative editing solution, an Etherpad-Lite instance.

To limit spam, you'll need to request an account to access this service.

Membership management - our new (as of January 2018) membership site - it's built on the Odoo ERP system and allows secure online credit card payment and payment by bank transfer... We aim to provide a how-to for other organisations in NZ to benefit from using this impressive, vastly flexible system.

Passwords/Secrets management is a BitWarden instance, providing a cross-device synchronised password management system. At present, it is invite-only and will likely be a NZOSS-member-only service. Our instance does not use BitWarden's server code, as it depends on proprietary Microsoft technologies which would pollute our systems. Instead, we use a fully Free and Open Source reimplementation called Vaultwarden. See this howto for more information on Bitwarden and our implementation of it - you can also use this approach to easily create you own (we recommend it!).

Event management

In February 2022, we set up, an instance of Mobilizon, which aims to replace Facebook (and other centralised proprietary services like as a user friendly way of coordinating and publicising events (real and virtual) and managing participation. It's a distributed platform, which means that various Mobilizon instances operate independently, but can be federated - if you have an account on one instance, you can use that account to find out about - and participate in - events going on across the whole network based on where you are in the world. Our instance is not yet set-up for public registration, but if you'd like to explore it, let us know!

Social reading is an instance of Bookwyrm, a Fediverse platform that allows people to list books they've read and review them for others, or browse the same from others.

Monitoring Tools

Because of rightly increasing scrutiny on the practices of Google with its formerly ubiquitous Google Analytics, many people want to try LibreSoftware alternatives, so we've set up two:


Originally called Piwik, Matomo is a comprehensive, mature website analytics tool whose development has been led from Aotearoa NZ for many years. Most web platforms provide easy integration.


The newer kid on the web analytics block is Plausible, based on newer technologies, but without the same level of maturity or support from 3rd party LibreSoftware platforms. That said, it's very good, and it can be an excellent companion (offering some relative 'sanity-checking' of results between the two systems, to help identify any functional biases or misconfigurations).

These services are available for members - if you'd want to try either of them, let us know!

Uptime Kuma

Finally, to flesh out our monitoring suite, we want to be able to trace whether or not our services are running (and be warned of it if not!), so we set up an instance of the superb LibreSoftware tool, Uptime Kuma, which does a great job of tracking things and providing alerts of small problems so we have a chance of keeping them from becoming big problems.  If you want access to this member-only service for your own websites or online services, get in touch!


We can bring these services to you thanks to generous sponsored hosting services provided by Catalyst Cloud and Rimu Hosting, and thanks to NZOSS volunteer system administrators and dev-ops people.

We have other tools waiting in the wings, and will add them to the list when they're up and running.