Accounts 2010

The financial accounts for the New Zealand Open Source Society for the year ending March 31 2010 are attached.

We received $2,522 in subscriptions, $26,240 in donations, $4,500 in other income and $48.24 in interest. Of the donations, $26,000 was received specifically for the Public Sector Remix project. The other income included monies received to sponsor a return visit of Richard Stallman ($4,000) with the final $500 being held by the NZOSS in escrow for the Open Government group of GOVIS.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the finances of the NZOSS throughout the year. The major sponsorships we received have allowed the NZOSS to concentrate on our core objectives of providing education in the benefits and use of Open Source technologies.

Our total expenses for the year were $30,812.33 against income of $33,310.24 leaving a small profit of $2,497.91. As mentioned earlier, the majority of the years expenditure went towards the Public Sector Remix project ($25,970.64). The return visit of Richard Stallman was sponsored for $4,000 and the 2009 Software Freedom Day was sponsored to the tune of $500. There were reimbursements for other events for a total of $253.69 and various fees for the remaining $88.

As has happened in previous years, we are aware of other small expenses that have been incurred by individual members from time to time throughout the year who have chosen not to present their receipts for reimbursement. We would like to acknowledge the choice that those members have taken and again we express our appreciation.

We ended the year with total assets of $7,002.22 against the 2009 end of year result of $5,004.31. While not a great deal of working capital it is in line with our non-profit status.

We achieved Charitable status during the 2009-2010 financial year and as such we do not have any outstanding tax burden to cater for.

Carl Klitscher