LCA2019 - Day 3

And it's the last day of LCA2019. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth. It has been a fantastic three (or five) days with lots of great presentations and other conversations. I've been to lots of conferences over the years but none of them have the positive vibe that LCA has.

LCA2019 - Day 2

Currently running at about half yesterdays temperature here in Christchurch... The quality of the weather might be fluctuating but the quality of the presentations is as high as ever!

LCA2019 - The AABill

I spent most of today in the Security Miniconf stream LCA2019... I don't know if I should be happy or sad about the fact that nearly 40 years after I started my IT career we are still struggling with security as a concept... On the happy side my skills and experience are still valid but on the sad side, really? 40 years on and we are still can't get it right??

Rebooting Government IT...

... in the UK in this case, but the advice could be just as relevant here. The Register has some advice for the new British Cabinet Secretary on what should be done based mainly on input to a Digital Government inquiry run by the Science and Technology Committee.

And we are up and running... again.

After a bit of work* we now have an operational website again... So step one of the journey has been completed.

Drupal has matured over the years, which is great to see, but with maturity comes complexity... it's happened before and it will happen again. In this particular case it's a bit more complex than we need it to be so we are looking at getting something lighter and nimbler... and perhaps not as mature... as in having to hand roll themes and so forth.

Anyway, we have a bit of breathing room now so on we go!

Opening up Council meetings

Welcome to Spring!

The year’s flown by. As part of a number of conversations the Council has been having recently about being more transparent and communicative, we’ve decided to start openly publishing the decisions and actions that come out of each Council meeting.

Our reasons are multiple, and mirror some of the primary principles behind open government:

NZOSS Council for 2017-18

We are pleased to announce our new NZOSS Council - there are seven of us, with one new, and one returning, councillor!

Our new councillor is aimee whitcroft, based in Wellington, who has a strong background in Open Gov't, Open Data, and generally working in and around software. She brings the valuable skills of hyper-literacy, technical savvy, great organisational skills, and bountiful constructive energy.