Special General Meeting - Constitutional Vote - 28-30 Nov 2019

After a slow nomination period, the NZOSS' Special General Meeting has been rescheduled for 28-30 November. We have now got five nominees for NZOSS Council's five seats, plus the two incumbents for the Executive are standing again, uncontested.

The nominees are 3 incumbent Councillors:

  • Danny Adair
  • Steven Ellis
  • Carl Klitscher (current Secretary and Treasurer as well!)

2 new Councillors:

  • Jo Allum
  • Eliot Blennerhassett

and the two current Executive:

  • Tim McNamara (Vice President)
  • Dave Lane (President)

(note: the roles of Secretary and Treasurer are appointed)

All are unopposed, meaning we will not require an election.

We do, however, have a substantially rewritten (still being drafted - join us in #Constitution on https://chat.nzoss.nz if you would like to be involved) Constitution for the Society on which we require a vote of 75% of a quorum of financial members in support to ratify its adoption.

We would love to have 100% participation from our voting members!

The voting period for the Special General Meeting will be from 8am Thu
28 until 12 noon Sat 30 Nov 2019. We will provide both a link to the
Constitution to financial members for your review 2 weeks prior to the
election period.

Please note: this will not be a secret ballot, strictly speaking -
administrators of the NZOSS' survey.nzoss.nz system are able to
determine the identify of voters, although they will be avoiding doing so.

If you would like to have a say in that Constitutional ratification, you
can become a financial member now on https://members.nzoss.nz