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(Free and ) Open Source Software - (F)OSS - has shown how strong the potential is for people to work together from all over the world to build and share tools we all use, or can use. It's a tremendously inspiring movement - while of course still having some issues that need working on, both technologically and at the sociocultural levels.

I think (F)OSS is an immensely important connector with civic technology, open data and open government - together, they have the potential to build participatory, resilient communities both online and in the physical world :) I have many ideas for how to bring the open government, open data, open source and civic tech communities here in NZ closer together, and see NZOSS as a big part of that.

For a longer explanation of the importance of open source software to government and society, check out

You can also check out my collection of open-related resources at - it's a huge deal for me :)