NZOSS Council for 2017-18

We are pleased to announce our new NZOSS Council - there are seven of us, with one new, and one returning, councillor!

Our new councillor is aimee whitcroft, based in Wellington, who has a strong background in Open Gov't, Open Data, and generally working in and around software. She brings the valuable skills of hyper-literacy, technical savvy, great organisational skills, and bountiful constructive energy.

We also welcome back, after a bit of a break, founding NZOSS member Carl Klitscher. Carl's claims to fame include helping to found the Society, doing the lion's share of achieving the Society's charitable status, and acting as the original Treasurer.

The complete Council for the coming year:

  1. aimee whitcroft (Wellington)
  2. Carl Klitscher (Wellington) - Secretary/Treasurer
  3. Rob Elshire (Palmerston North) - Resigned
  4. Steven Ellis (Auckland)
  5. Danny Adair (Wellington)
  6. Dave Lane (Christchurch) - president
  7. Tim McNamara (Wellington) - vice president

We would also like to thank Daniel Reurich for his long service to the Society. Daniel has been a stalwart of the NZOSS Council for many years, and has served as the Society's Treasurer for at least half a decade!!

Our returning Vice President is Tim McNamara, and President is Dave Lane. Rob Elshire has agreed to continue in the capacity of Secretary for the coming year. We're currently trying to convince Carl that it'd be fun to return to the Treasurer role!

Many thanks to all the councillors - we look forward to a busy and productive year undertaking our mission: to share the freedom of open source software, open standards, and open information for the benefit of New Zealand.