AGM 2008

The 2008 AGM of the New Zealand Open Source Society has now ended.

Many thanks to all those who took the time to attend. We very much appreciate your continued support.

The 2008 AGM of the New Zealand Open Source Society will be held on:

Sunday the 22th of June starting at 2pm.

The meeting will be conducted primarily via an IRC channel #nzoss

Voting, if required, will be conducted online via the main NZOSS website. You must be a registered and current financial member and be logged in to vote on the website.

We will be performing a final reconciliation of current financial membership on Friday 20th June so your details must appear in the societies bank account before then (i.e. close of business Thursday 19th June). Any member who has paid the $40 membership fee at any time in the previous 12 months to Friday 20th June 2008 will be eligible to vote at the 2008 AGM.

Information on how to become a financial member of the NZOSS is available at /nzoss/join

No Remits or Notices of Motion have been received.

No further Nominations for Council have been received. As a result the current President, Vice President and Committee are returned unopposed.


  • Apologies
  • Presidents Report (Attached)
  • Treasurers Report and Statement of Accounts (You must be logged in to view)
  • Notification of Officers
    • Don Christie (President)
    • Peter Harrison (Vice President)
    • Carl Klitscher (Secretary/Treasurer)
    • Zane Gilmore (Christchurch Regional Officer)
    • Daniel Reurich
    • Vik Olliver (Events Organiser)
    • Andrew Turner
    • Matthew Cruickshank
    • Brent Wood (Education Group)
    • Chris Daish (Government Officer)
    • David Lane (Seconded in 2007)
  • Minutes of the 2007 AGM (You must be logged in to view)
  • General Business

If you have any questions please contact