Accounts 2008

The financial accounts for the New Zealand Open Source Society for the year ending March 31 2008 are attached.

We received $400 in subscriptions with a further $720 in donations throughout the year. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the finances of the NZOSS. We don't have a significant funding base so everything helps and is appreciated.

Our only claimed expense this year was $200 for the re-registration of the Society. This was a one-off expense and is not expected to be incurred again. We know of other small expenses that have been incurred by individual members from time to time who have chosen not to present their receipts for reimbursement. We would like to acknowledge the choice that those members have taken and express our appreciation.

As noted in the accounts we do not have a significant amount of money in the bank and we are therefore unable to provide any financial sponsorship or backing for any major projects or initiatives. We are looking at ways to improve that situation including ways to make joining and/or donating to the NZOSS easier.

Carl Klitscher