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LCA Biggest Open Source Conference in the Southern Hemisphere

Many members of the NZOSS have snapped up early bird tickets for which is being held in Wellington, New Zealand in January 2010.

As an indication of interest in this event, early bird tickets sold out nearly *two* weeks before the close off dates. Registrations for normal tickets remain open until Dec 24th, but it is worth getting in quick.

Mailing Lists Outage

Posted on: November 13, 2008 - 16:34 By: BlakJak

Due to a hardware failure the NZOSS mailing lists were offline for about 2 days.

(The website is hosted seperately and is unaffected.)

In the interim we've set up a 'manual distribution system' which will redistribute posts to all 'subscribers' but without all the typical listserv features - there's no web archive, and no automated subscribe/unsubscribe process.

[New mailing lists are coming - now sooner rather than later - so subscribers should stay tuned]

If you wish to join the NZOSS OpenChat List; Remove yourself from it; or have any questions, please email sysadmin{at} and i'll address it as I can [manually]. Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

I should make subscribers aware, however, that in the current state of the 'list', any 'bounces' generated through problems with 'subscribers' email addresses will go back to the original poster. This is a potential privacy issue and for this reason I draw peoples attention to this. If you have an issue with this behavior, I can remove you from the distribution list - please drop me an email to the above address.

Mark Foster
NZOSS Admin team.

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