NZ Software Patent Exclusion vs. TPPA

In the past New Zealand has shown great foresight and leadership in the world by staying true to its national ethos, even at the cost of breaking from international conventions. From recognising a woman's right to vote and denying US nuclear powered warships the right to transit, NZ has shown the willingness to make a principled stand, even if doing so was seen by many as risky. These decisions have proven to be some of our best moments, and have helped to shape our national pride and culture. New Zealand again has an opportunity to make a principled stand.

Minutes of NZOSS 2011 AGM

4 August 2011


The meeting commenced at 19:00.


Local meeting or IRC:

Francois Marier, Carl Klitscher, Daniel Reurich, Mark Foster, Ian Beardslee,  Vik Olliver, Don Christie, Peter Harrison, Robin Sheat, Scott Newton, Alick Wilson,  Dave Lane, Rachel Hamilton-Williams, Joel Wirimu-Pauling, Brenda Chawner

1) Apologies:

Ewen McNeill


Moved – That the Apologies for the 2011 NZOSS AGM be accepted


2) President's Report: