Minutes of NZOSS 2011 AGM

4 August 2011
The meeting commenced at 19:00.

Local meeting or IRC:

Francois Marier, Carl Klitscher, Daniel Reurich, Mark Foster, Ian Beardslee,  Vik Olliver, Don Christie, Peter Harrison, Robin Sheat, Scott Newton, Alick Wilson,  Dave Lane, Rachel Hamilton-Williams, Joel Wirimu-Pauling, Brenda Chawner

1) Apologies:
Ewen McNeill
Moved – That the Apologies for the 2011 NZOSS AGM be accepted


2) President's Report:
The President's report was published at http://nzoss.org.nz/sites/nzoss.org.nz/files/presidents_report_2011.pdf
Moved – That the Presidents Report for the 2011 NZOSS AGM be accepted


3) Treasurers Report and Statement of Accounts:

The Treasurers report was presented and is available at http://nzoss.org.nz/content/accounts-2011

Moved – That the Treasurers report and Financial Statements for the 2011 NZOSS AGM be accepted


4) Minutes of the 2010 AGM:
The minutes of the 2010 AGM are posted at http://nzoss.org.nz/nzoss/administrivia/2010_agm_minutes

Moved – That minutes of the 2010 NZOSS AGM be taken as read


5) Election of Officers and Council:
The Constitution allows up to 11 Council members in addition to the elected positions of President and Vice President and the Appointed Officers. All Council members must be financial members of the Society

David Lane (President)
Peter Harrison (Vice President)
Daniel Reurich
Vik Olliver
Matthew Holloway
Brent Wood
Alick Wilson
Mark Foster
Ian Beardslee
Scott Newton
Don Christie
Brenda Chawner
Carl Klitscher

Moved – That the President, Vice President and council nominees for 2011 be accepted onto Council


Meeting closed at 19:55.