Affiliations Strategy

As discussed during our meeting on 16 August, we need to decide on our strategy for affiliating with external organisations and groups.

Kiwi Affiliations

These fall into the category of incorporated societies (InternetNZ, NZCS, NZRise, NZSA) or less formal groups (user groups, LUGs, SFD, Bar/FooCamps etc.).

Thoughts for 2011

These are just some thoughts I've had on what initiatives I'd like to see happen with the NZOSS in the coming year... We, as a council, need to add other ideas (e.g. existing projects that I haven't mentioned below, like the Public Sector Remix, any further Software Patent challenges, etc.), and then prioritise them. I'd like us to select (either from within the council or from keen people within the community who are recommended by council members) project managers to take ownership of each initiative, come up with a plan of action, and check progress through the year.

NZOSS Council

This Group provides a "place" on the NZOSS site where Council Members can post and collaborate on content which is not visible to anyone else until explicitly made visible (by ticking the "public" audience box on a group page or other post).

Press Release - NZOSS Completes Another Successful Year

5 August 2011

New Zealand Open Source Society held its 2011 Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 5 August 2011. The meeting took place using a mix of technologies, including IRC and audioconferencing, to ensure that members throughout the country could participate in the meeting. Outgoing President Rachel Hamilton-Williams reported on the Society’s achievements and activities in the last year.

Dave Lane Voted President

The NZOSS AGM has voted Dave Lane President. Dave has been a member since the formation of the NZOSS in 2003. His company Egressive has hosted the NZOSS web site throughout the recent geological disruptions in Christchurch with no downtime. He has served on Council since the formation of the society. The NZOSS itself was formed in the wake of a open letter to Government about Open Source that was published by Dave in 2002. The Open Letter collected over 400 signatures. From a personal point of view I congratulate Dave on stepping into this challenging role.

Android Under Fire

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that Google senior vice president and chief legal officer David Drummond is accusing Microsoft, Apple and Oracle of using patents in an attempt to kill the innovative and popular Android phone operating system. Android is an open source phone operating system based on Linux. It has taken the market by storm, and is now the most popular operating system for smartphones in the world. Ironically Oracle has made use of Linux in it's "unbreakable Linux" campaign.