August 2011

IP Lawyers and their blogs

The IP law community continues to peddle half truths about the New Zealand Patent Bill and the status of computer software. I notice that they never allow comments on their blogs which means that their misleading contentions are never challenged by people that actually understand software engineering. Readers will probably find lots of instances of this but compare the NZ Computer Society's newsletter on the latest information from MED with that of Baldwins IP. Keep in mind that the NZCS is our professional body...Baldwins is not.

NZOSS AGM on Thursday, 4 August

Posted on: August 1, 2011 - 10:52 By: dave

The NZOSS 2011 AGM has been held. Thanks to all who took the time to participate.


The NZOSS will be holding its Annual General Meeting at 7pm this coming Thursday, 4 August. Groups connected by video and/or teleconference will be meeting at venues Auckland (at ICONZ), Wellington (at Catalyst IT) and Christchurch (at Egressive) - with meeting business to take place on Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Accounts 2011

The financial accounts for the New Zealand Open Source Society for the year ending March 31 2011 are attached.

We received $795 in subscriptions, $5,040 in donations and $46.96 in interest for a total of $5881.96. We acted as banker for the Wellington SFD 2010 event and received income of $3,105.73 in support of that effort. Combined, these give our total revenue of $8,987.69