Public Sector Remix Project Launch

Media Release

For immediate publication.

The public sector in New Zealand is following other public agencies around the world in looking for ways to reduce the cost of desktop computing.

The New Zealand Open Source Society today announced the launch of the Public Sector Remix project to demonstrate the viability of free open source software on public sector desktops.

A number of central, regional and local government agencies are working together to run trials using free software for common desktop tasks.

AGM 2009

The 2009 AGM of the New Zealand Open Source Society has been held.

The NZOSS would like to thank all attendees and those financial members who took the time to vote on the proposed constitution changes. We are now able to progress our application for Charitable status and hope to have that completed as soon as possible.

The poll results are available here.

The NZOSS would like to thank all members for their continued support.

2008 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the NZOSS AGM

22 June 2008

The meeting commenced at 14:00.

Voting Rights:

Moved - That voting at the 2008 NZOSS AGM be opened to attendees of the 2008 NZOSS AGM

Prop – Carl Klitscher

Sec – Don Christie



Local meeting or IRC:

Robin Sheat


Accounts 2009

The financial accounts for the New Zealand Open Source Society for the year ending March 31 2009 are attached.

We received $2,380 in subscriptions with a further $9,200 in donations throughout the year. Of the donations, $9,000 was received specifically for sponsorship of a tour of New Zealand by Richard Stallman. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the finances of the NZOSS throughout the year. The major sponsorship we received allowed the NZOSS to fund an exceptional series of events throughout the country.

Commerce Select Committee Hearings - Patent Bill

Updated 10/8/2009 - Mike O'Connor has sent me his speaking notes. Now added to the files attached.

I thought I would write up some notes about my presentation to the Commerce Select Committee yesterday. These notes include my "talking points sheet" that I largely stuck to before the Q&A. Composition of the committee can be found here: