2008 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the NZOSS AGM

22 June 2008

The meeting commenced at 14:00.

Voting Rights:

Moved - That voting at the 2008 NZOSS AGM be opened to attendees of the 2008 NZOSS AGM

Prop – Carl Klitscher

Sec – Don Christie



Local meeting or IRC:

Robin Sheat

Francois Marier

Chris Daish

Don Christie

Carl Klitscher

Hadley Rich

Grant Paton-Simpson

Andrew Turner

Mark Foster

Brent Wood

Ewen McNeill

Muyi Taiwo

Ian Beardslee

Colin Jackson

Scott Newton


Vik Olliver

Colin Jackson

Moved – That Apologies be accepted

Prop – Carl Klitscher

Sec – Mark Foster


President's Welcome and Report:

Don Christie presented the Presidents Report http://nzoss.org.nz/system/files/presidents_report_2008.pdf

Moved – That the Presidents Report for the 2008 NZOSS AGM be accepted

Prop – Carl Klitscher

Sec – Don Christie


Treasurers Report and Statement of Accounts:

The Treasurers report was presented and is available at http://nzoss.org.nz/accounts-2008

Questions arising:

  1. Society reregistration – The Societies listed office address was incorrect and therefore correspondence wrt the Societies affairs went unanswered leading to de-registration. The address has now been corrected.

  2. Audit requirement – There is no ongoing requirement for an independent audit however one may be performed if required. Given our current level of funds it is not warranted.

  3. Domain Name fee – The domain name fee will appear in the 2008/2009 statements.

It was also noted that the Society was now registered with the IRD and was required to fill in 6 years worth of tax packs. This may require funding to supply bank statements if no other source of information was found.

Moved – That the Treasurers report and Financial Statements for the 2008 NZOSS AGM be accepted

Prop – Carl Klitscher

Sec – Francois Marier


Election of Officers:

The following current Council members indicated they were prepared to stand for Council again:

  • Don Christie (President)

  • Peter Harrison (Vice President)

  • Carl Klitscher (Secretary/Treasurer)

  • Zane Gilmore (Christchurch Regional Officer)

  • Daniel Reurich

  • Vik Olliver (Events Organiser)

  • Andrew Turner

  • Matthew Holloway

  • Brent Wood (Education Group)

  • Chris Daish (Government Officer)

  • David Lane (Seconded in 2007)

Given that there may be up to 11 council members further nominations were called for. The following people were nominated.

  • Francois Marier

There were no further nominations and as there were no contested positions the above names were ratified for council.

General Business:

Minutes of last AGM

The minutes of the 2007 AGM are available at http://nzoss.org.nz/nzoss/administrivia/2007_agm_minutes

Moved – That the Minutes of the 2007 NZOSS AGM be taken as read.

Prop – Carl Klitscher

Sec – Colin Jackson


Matters Arising from 2007 AGM

Website status and statistics

The NZOSS website is now hosted and maintained by Egressive. Many thanks to Dave Lane and the Egressive team for their ongoing support of the NZOSS.


It was noted that significant effort had been expended thoughout the year by members of the Society in participating in the New Zealand Standards workshops around the proposed OOXML standard. Some key people, Don Christie, Colin Jackson and Matthew Holloway, bore the brunt both financially and personally. They behaved at all times with a level of fair play and integrity that was unfortunately not matched by some other participants in the process.

Corporate/Industry membership and support

Some discussion around gaining support from Industry ensued. The example of OSIA http://osia.net.au/ was discussed. A suggestion to set up a corporate membership page to highlight support was made.

Membership in general

The current membership maintenance system is arcane and difficult to use. An option to subscribe via PayPal was investigated however that posed problems for some meembers and also required an account to be set up. Some alternatives to Paypal were discussed. A review of the various methods was asked for. Internet banking capability was also needed.

NZOSA, Expo, Software Freedom Day

A brief discussion occurred around NZOSA. Nominations were slower this year and one thought was to make the event every two years. There was a suggestion of an 'Expo' type event as well, perhaps in coincide with SFD. NZOSS involvement in the previous years SFD events had not been welcomed by all quarters however work was being done to address these issues.

Meeting closed at 15:35.