Increasing attacks on linux? No worries...

Posted on: December 21, 2020 - 21:58 By: carl

One of the arguments used against linux and open source in the past by large proprietary OS vendors with significant market share is that of course there are fewer reported security issues with linux when compared with the tsunami of issues with their products because the linux install base is so small... Well linux based server systems now run most of the internet so that statement no longer holds water, and yet the linux and open source community are still better at detecting and correcting security issues than proprietary equivalents. This article by Jack Wallen on TechRepublic outlines some reasons why.

And lets not start with the SolarWinds debacle just yet... There is currently a very real risk that the aforementioned large proprietary OS vendor mentioned above that unfortunately the NZ Government is so enamoured with, has also been compromised and that means that your personal data is at risk as well dear reader. It is high time that we demand our Govt stop paying US profits with our tax dollars and invest back in New Zealand.