NZ education software wins People's Choice award

This Computerworld story is about the mainly New Zealand developed Open Source eLearning XHTML editor (eXe). This is an excellent effort and demonstrates yet again the power that the Open Source collaborative development model has in benefiting and supporting society.

There is also reference to how well eXe perfomed in a live test of a load into a Learning Management System. The test used a format called the "Common Cartridge" which is designed to allow compliant learning modules to be loaded into any complaint LMS, thus giving the end users the choice that standards are supposed to bring...

Anyway, the eXe based course was the only one that loaded successfully into the LMS without errors. This is a major achievement especially when compared with a cartridge based on a commercial vendor package which failed to load at all.

Well done to the eXe team and all the users and contributors to the project.

The eXe homepage is at