Minutes of the NZOSS AGM

19 August 2009

The meeting commenced at 17:00.


Local meeting or IRC:

Sam Vilain, Glynn Foster, Francois Marier, Jethro Carr, Chris Daish, Grant Paton-Simpson, Peter Harrison, Colin Jackson, Luke Stewart, Ewen McNeill, Vik Olliver, Ian Beardslee, Andrew Turner, Alick Wilson, Jim Cheetham, Don Christie, Carl Klitscher, Mark Foster, David Lane, Gavin Treadgold, Brenda Chawner, Brent Wood, Tim Kong, Tim Thomson, Brenda Wallace, Daniel Reurich

1) Apologies:

No Apologies received

2) President's Report:

The President's report was published at http://nzoss.org.nz/system/files/presidents_report_2009_0.pdf

Moved – That the Presidents Report for the 2009 NZOSS AGM be accepted

Prop – Carl Klitscher

Sec – Don Christie


3) Treasurers Report and Statement of Accounts:

The Treasurers report was presented and is available at http://nzoss.org.nz/accounts-2009

Questions arising:

  1. Is the treasurer happy that our current subscription rates provide sufficient cashflow – There is very little in the way of outgoings for the society so the current rate is acceptable. If we are asked for sponsorship for large events we would have to get the ratified and sponsors found before committing funds.

  2. Are we liable for tax on donations if we spend the donations in the same year – We are liable for tax on any income including donations irrespective of how or when they are spent. We need to have charitable status in order to be exempt. Membership fees are not classed as income.

  3. Should we be taxed on profit only, not income and does that mean some expenses were not deductible – We are taxed on all income however there are rebates that can be applied to reduce the amount of eligible income.

  4. What are the projected income and expenses for next year – We don't have many expenses as a Society, mainly just funding or sponsoring small endeavours. There are a couple of specific projects we are looking at that will be self contained and should not affect our other work.

A question on the status of the society as a charitable entity was deferred to item 5

Moved – That the Treasurers report and Financial Statements for the 2009 NZOSS AGM be accepted

Prop – Don Christie

Sec – Francois Marier


4) Minutes of the 2008 AGM:

The minutes of the 2008 AGM are posted at http://nzoss.org.nz/nzoss/administrivia/2008_agm_minutes

Moved – That minutes of the 2008 NZOSS AGM be taken as read

Prop – Don Christie

Sec – Glynn Foster


5) Notice of Motion:

One Notice of Motion was received, notified and posted in the AGM Notice http://nzoss.org.nz/news/2009/agm-2009

The question carried forward from item 3 asked what issues there were around the delay in gaining charitable status. We originally applied for charitable status on the basis of our Education objective. Unfortunately this was not viewed as our main objective and so our application was denied until such time as we could alter constitution to make it our main focus.

A question was asked about what we would be giving up if we became a registered charity. Not much. The areas of the constitution that were the main objection were around the profession objectives which we weren't doing anyway. We become tax exempt and donors can claim a rebate if they wish to. If we don't get registered then all that happens is we pay tax like any other organisation.

Moved - That the NZOSS constitution be amended to allow registration of the society as a charitable organisation

Prop – Don Christie

Sec – Daniel Reurich

The NZOSS constitution requires a 75% yes vote from financial members to change the constitution. In order to ensure that the required number of members had the opportunity to cast their ballot the poll was held open for 7 days from the date of the AGM.


6) General Business:

Notification of Officers

As there were vacancies in the Council the current council members nominations were unopposed. One extra nomination was received prior to the AGM, being Alick Wilson. One more nomination from the floor was received, being Mark Foster. These nominations filled the NZOSS Council quota and no further nominations were received.

The proposed NZOSS Council were elected uncontested:

  • Don Christie (President)

  • Peter Harrison (Vice President)

  • Carl Klitscher (SecretaryTreasurer)

  • Zane Gilmore

  • Daniel Reurich

  • Vik Olliver

  • Andrew Turner

  • Matthew Holloway

  • Brent Wood

  • Chris Daish

  • David Lane

  • Francois Marier

  • Alick Wilson

  • Mark Foster

Use of the term Free in the Societies name

There was some discussion on the use of the word Free in the Societies name. This centered around the perceived dilution of the meaning of the word Open by other parties. Discussion was deferred to Council.

Expansion of Society Objects

Some further discussion around including Standards in the Society Objects. It was noted that there are also areas around Patents and Copyrights where the society is active. No specific action requested.

Corporate/Industry membership and support

Some discussion around gaining support from Industry ensued. The question of the NZOSS being involved in IT Professional Development. It was noted that that was one of the things that the Charities Commission had specifically objected to in the NZOSS constitution and the NZCS were better placed to deal with that aspect. No specific action requested.

General chat

Some general chatter covering Barcamp, LCA, mailing lists etc. No specific action requested.

Meeting closed at 18:30.