Minutes of the NZOSS AGM

19 August 2009

The meeting commenced at 17:00.


Local meeting or IRC:

Sam Vilain, Glynn Foster, Francois Marier, Jethro Carr, Chris Daish, Grant Paton-Simpson, Peter Harrison, Colin Jackson, Luke Stewart, Ewen McNeill, Vik Olliver, Ian Beardslee, Andrew Turner, Alick Wilson, Jim Cheetham, Don Christie, Carl Klitscher, Mark Foster, David Lane, Gavin Treadgold, Brenda Chawner, Brent Wood, Tim K

Open Source Alternative to Mailman and Google Groups Released

OnlineGroups.Net has just released the latest version of GroupServer, an open source web-based mailing list manager. Via email, GroupServer works like traditional mailing list managers but it also has a web forum interface for reading and making posts, and list administration.

GroupServer provides the kind of web interface that users of Google Groups enjoy. Being open source, it also provides the administrative freedom that mailing list administrators expect.

Accounts 2010

The financial accounts for the New Zealand Open Source Society for the year ending March 31 2010 are attached.

We received $2,522 in subscriptions, $26,240 in donations, $4,500 in other income and $48.24 in interest. Of the donations, $26,000 was received specifically for the Public Sector Remix project. The other income included monies received to sponsor a return visit of Richard Stallman ($4,000) with the final $500 being held by the NZOSS in escrow for the Open Government group of GOVIS.

Internet New Zealand "Best Practice Awards"

InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) and .auda (the Australian Domain Name Administrator) are pleased to announce that entries in the 2010 Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Awards are now open.

The Awards recognise New Zealand and Australian-based organisations, businesses, groups and individuals that have made significant contributions towards the security, openness, diversity and accessibility of the internet.

The award categories are based on the four main themes of the United Nations' Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The categories are:

Senior Firefox Developer Against Software Patents

Rob O'Callahan, one of "Mozilla's senior software developers, and manager of our Auckland-based development team and also our worldwide layout engine team" writes about Software Patents. He is against them.

If you don't think this statement is significant consider that fact that Mozilla has been just about the only organisation that has ever successfully broken a Microsoft monopoly. It did this through openness. The fact that Rob persuaded Mozilla to start a development team in Auckland is also pretty significant.

Here is his blog post: