2021 NZOSS Financial Report

We had another very quiet 2020/2021 financial year. In person meetings, conferences, events and travel were almost non-existent while dealing with the Covid pandemic. Consequently there were no requests for funding or support. Catalyst IT and Catalyst Cloud still support us very generously and the only other outgoings were for domain name registration and meetup account charges. Total income from subscriptions was $701 with total expenses of $117 with an end of year account balance of $4,126.


Even though we don't need to approve the 2021/2022 financial accounts I've also attached them to this notice since we are so close to the end of the financial year. Similar story to 2021 from a travel and events perspective with the major difference this year being a donation of $1,000 from InternetNZ which we really appreciate. Other income for the 2022 year consisted of $845 in subscriptions with $211 in expenses, again mainly Domain Name and Meetup fees. Account balance YTD is $5761.


Carl Klitscher