The Government Group

The goal of the NZOSS Government Group is to advocate the use of Open Source software by branches of the New Zealand government. Global Resources Some of the resources available around the world today are:

The Open Source Academy
Set up by the UK Government, the aim of The Open Source Academy is to encourage the use of Open Source Software by local authorities through knowledge sharing and practical advice. The content of our portal, as well as our one-to-one services, can help you economise on costs and increase Open Source's implementation efficiency.
NIWA QGIS User Group
QGIS is the global leader in Open Source Geographic Information Systems. An easy to use GIS, QGIS puts the power of commercial equivalents costing thousands of dollars on your desktop. NIWA is using QGIS internally, as a desktop GIS tool for staff, and is funding QGIS enhancements to better meet NIWA needs. The User Group is open to anyone interested, not just NIWA staff, and has members throughout New Zealand, from private individuals, to local, regional and central government, CRI's, etc. Online training is widely available, from user's blogs, to Harvard University tutorials, while formal training is also available in NZ if required.