healthAlliance Enterprise Content Management Solution

The healthAlliance, which runs ICT for several northern DHBs has put out an expression of interest for an Enterprise Content Management Solution.

The relevent documentation can be found on GETS:

In the tender documents there is the following statement:

"We are open to solutions from open source vendors, proprietary solution vendors and hosted solution providers"

The background information on GETS is as follows:

"With the amount of information (in the form of records and documents) being handled by the WDHB, ADHB and NDHB that is increasing at a phenomenal rate, the ability to adequately manage this information in a way that enhances business value and complies with legislation has remained a challenge.

"There is a general strategy by the DHBs to move towards retaining more structured data and less unstructured information.

An Enterprise Content Management Solution is required to manage documents, records and web content."

This would seem an excellent opportunity for FLOSS companies to propose their ECMS and EDMRS solutions to a very important sector within Government.