NZOSS Analysis of Ecma OOXML Responses

Now that the Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) in Geneva is over I thought people might be interested in the analysis the NZOSS provided on Ecma's responses to Standards NZ comments. Note that last August Microsoft and Ecma promised they would "fix everything" in time for the BRM. Have a look at the document attached to this article.

As you can see from the attached document, in the lead up to the BRM Ecma offered improvements to only 13 of the 54 SNZ comments. Out of these 13 "improvements" we found only one that really did address the fundamental issue. That's right, Ecma "fixed" 1 comment out of 54.

The BRM voted the vast majority of Ecma's responses through without any discussion so other than one or two isolated cases we can assume that the pre-BRM status quo remains.

That being said, we are still trying to work on the mass of documentation that has come out of the BRM to see what material changes have been made to the proposed ISO standard. Unfortunately there will not be a revised specification to work from, instead we have to apply the results of 1027 (1Kb) responses, plus BRM discussions to the specification. This is a monumental task.