Interview with Richard Hulse of Radio New Zealand, on the decision to offer Ogg Vorbis

The title of this article is taken from Groklaw where the interview actually took place.

I have long admired Richard's achievements at RNZ and also the positive way he has responded to requests to make life easier for those of us who chose not to use Windows. So the news that RNZ was now streaming content in the Free Ogg Vorbis codec was more icing on a well iced cake and the fact that this decision was timed to match Richard Stallman's visit to New Zealand was perfect.

We should all take note of this answer to one of PJ's questions:

PJ: You mention getting two kinds of emails asking for Ogg Vorbis. If my readers wanted their radio station to add Ogg Vorbis, what kind of email works the best?

RH: A polite one where the writer has thought about the issues from my perspective.

Congratulations Radio New Zealand and Richard Hulse.