Review of ECMA OOXML Responses

The New Zealand Open Source Society is participating in the next round of Standard New Zealand's review of the Microsoft/ECMA responses to ISO's NB comments for OOXML. You may recall Standards NZ voted "No - with comments" with regards to the proposed standard earlier in the year.

Standards NZ will be participating in ISO Ballot Resolution Meeting to be held in February next year.

At this stage of the ISO process the NZOSS would like to invite any technically and legally minded people in the free and open source communities to review ECMA responses: to New Zealand comments or to comments that might affect New Zealand interests.

We are allowed to mirror responses that fulfill this criteria, and we have set up a site with this ECMA content for invitees to review and a mailing list for these people to hold discussions.

They say that many eyes make bugs shallow, so let's apply Open Source motto that to OOXML. Please email Matthew Cruikshank (ecma-reviewer at with your full name if you wish to be involved.

Many thanks for your help

Don Christie