SCO dealt another blow in IBM code lawsuit

Posted on: June 30, 2006 - 09:09 By: crb

Groklaw are reporting that IBM has been granted (in part) their motion to limit SCO's claims, that proprietary SCO UNIX code was used in the Linux kernel. SCO refused to point out where the alleged infringements were, even when asked directly by the Court, and as such the Court has limited the claims to those where SCO pointed out the file and line number. Judge Wells writes "Certainly if an individual was stopped and accused of shoplifting after walking out of Neiman Marcus, they would expect to be eventually told what they allegedly stole. It would be absurd for an officer to tell the accused that 'you know what you stole I'm not telling.' Or, to simply hand the accused individual a catalog of Neiman Marcus' entire inventory and say 'its in there somewhere, you figure it out.'"