Tipping Points

I am tired, but was composing an article on the OOXML fall out. Groklaw got there first, because PJ is tireless. She says:

"Anyone, then, from this day forward who is naive enough to believe a single word from Microsoft needs to see a doctor right away. That is the single most important positive result from this OOXML process, as far as I'm concerned. Now we know.

They shouldn't be invited to Open Source conferences to give keynotes, I don't think, or get to be on boards of directors of organizations, or let inside in any way that gives them the chance to pretend to be members of the community or even fair-dealers with FOSS."

Are you listening OSCON organisers? There is some money you just don't take.

Also, be aware that Kevin Ackhurst (Microsoft's new GM here) has had his name mentioned to head up whatever the hell the Government replaces ICT-NZ with. This should be opposed. MS are far too divisive an organisation, they only do $64 million of local (taxable) business here. The rest of their NZ earnings go straight oversees, without passing Go. They are making super-normal profits out of our tax dollars, price setters rather than takers. We don't stand for this behavior when a local monopoly indulges, why should a multi-national be different?

Stuff story about a new ICT association is here.

Mr Ackhurst says he volunteered to help coordinate efforts to determine the common interests promoted by a new ICT industry association. The Government last week said it would be happy to cooperate with such a body.