Software Freedom Day 2011 - 16th-18th of September

Software Freedom Day LogoSoftware Freedom Day approaches this weekend. In most parts of the country, and indeed most parts of the world, Open Source software will be actively distributed by SFD volunteers to the general public. There are exhibitions, presentations, installfests, and places you can just turn up for a natter and a coffee.

Of special interest are the events in Christchurch, as FLOSS is helping plug quite a few earthquake-driven gaps down there in an economic and efficient way. There, Software Freedom Day is marked annually through demonstration on computers at the South Learning Centre, in the South Library at 66 Colombo Street, Beckenham. There is ongoing support in the form of an evening workshop there on the first Wednesday each month.

"The doors are open from 10am to 4pm Saturday, and take-home CDs of Ubuntu GNU/Linux are made available with installation help,” says local organiser Rik Tindall.

“Video screenings and talks on the subject matter also feature, at this family-friendly, free/open community event. All interested are warmly invited to attend.”

In Auckland, Saturday sees a group from 10 - 4 @ Orion Cafe, Mt Eden showing and discussing:

    Kids - olpc & Sugar (see the new prototype XO-1.75 laptop), Scratch
    RepRap self replicating desktop 3D Printer
    Distributions - OpenSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu
    The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill

The Hamilton SFD group will be out on Saturday, at the University of Waikato:

See the full details for your area on the website -