SOFA Statistics

SOFA Statistics is a statistics, analysis, and reporting application with an emphasis on ease of use, learn as you go, and beautiful output.  SOFA Statistics produces web-friendly reports ready to share, and works with data entered directly into the program, or stored in a range of databases and spreadsheets.

SOFA Statistics Features

  • Very easy to work with existing data. Even if you use another statistics package for specialist analyses, SOFA will let you quickly explore your data and get some basic descriptive analyses out in an attractive and shareable format. There is no need to import data if it is already in a database.
  • SOFA Statistics is genuinely free and open. There are no expensive licence fees and you can install it on as many machines as you like. And because it is not crippled freeware, SOFA Statistics will handle as many variables or records as you need. Finally, you can recommend and distribute the program with a clear conscience.
  • Reports ready to share. Analysis needs to be shared so it must look good. SOFA is committed to attractive output in a non-proprietary format. You can print it, email it, include it on intranets/websites etc, modify it using free graphics packages etc.
  • Powerful report automation. Scripts for running routine reports can be saved, modified, and extended. Python is a powerful but easy-to-use scripting language which is central to SOFA Statistics. It is not just bolted on the side. Imagine the time you could save doing monthly reports!
  • SOFA Statistics is focused on the analyses used most often. Many statistical packages confuse users with more options than they will ever use. For SOFA Statistics we would rather make one of the key analyses easier to use than add yet another to the list.