Silverstripe in US Election

Stuff is reporting that Wellington based open source company, SilverStripe, have scored the job of running the Democratic National Convention website in the US election year. Anyone following the Obama / Clinton story will realise what a significant coup this is and also what attention there will be on the smooth running of the site.

I have written about SilverStripe's move to release their CMS under a BSD licence. They took a monumental step in releasing their software to all the world and from what I hear the change in business model is working very well for them. Working well for New Zealand as they are now an export company.

One thing I would like to say about SilverStripe is the attention they pay to the local and global community that sustains all our businesses. They are always supportive, or at the forefront, of local events, Google Summer of Code, FreeTheNet, Google Highschool contest - to name quite a few. This is a company that is totally immersed in a Free and Open Source world.