SilverStripe CMS becomes Microsoft Certified

SilverStripe, the web based Open Source CMS has been given Microsoft Certification. Sigurd Magnusson of SilverStripe says "Microsoft's Certified for Windows programme is well known for indicating software and hardware products that have been thoroughly tested and which work well on Microsoft Windows. Of course, much of the innovation in the software world is now happening on the web, and with awareness and adoption of open source software growing fantastically, it makes sense for Microsoft to begin certifying open source web-based software."

Magnusson proceed to discuss what Open Source means to SilverStripe.  "For us it refers to software released under an license approved by the Open Source Initiative and that the software meets the Open Source Definition. We'd even go further and suggest that, in the spirit of open source software, open source software should have a number of other qualities to be truely open source. For instance, we feel that the source code must not only be freely available, it should be available via a versioning system such as Subversion or GIT. "

Magnusson points out that SilverStripe is based on a Open Source, such as PHP and supports Open Standards such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. He believes that Open Source projects should have public online systems such as firums, mailing lists, bug trackers and Wiki. SilverStripe provides all these services to support the community using and developing the SilverStripe CMS system.

He continues to describe the process of certification as a long but rewarding road. He points out that a large proportion of the  communityusing SilverStripe use Microsoft servers, databases, and other technology.  Over the past three years his company has worked to make SilverStripe CMS work with Microsoft's operating system, web servers, and SQL Server database product.

He is proud to be behind a global milestone, encouraging corporate IT into accepting and embracing open source software.