Richard Stallman's Tour of New Zealand

As many people will now be aware, RMS is visting NZ between August 6th and 20th and a series of talks in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch is being arranged. His itinerary is not 100% confirmed but it is getting closer.

Simon Bridge is doing most of the co-ordination of the trip and getting help from people like Peter Lambrechtsen in Wellington. Simon is keeping an up-to-date calendar of events at

There will be talks at Auckland University, Bayview Community Center (North Shore), Games Geeks and Gadgets (Wellington Town Hall), Victoria University, Massey University (wellington and PN), and as yet to be confirmed venues on the Mainland.

So there will be a large number of opportunities to hear RMS speak and it is well worth doing so and encouraging others to do so as well. Whatever your perspectives on life, freedom, privacy and software, gaining an understanding RMS' ideas and ideals is worthwhile. Agree with him or not, the impact of his work on our lives is unquestionable.