Open Media running campaign opposing the TPPA

Leaks of the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement show that the United States would like to reverse the work done by the NZOSS to exclude software from patentability in New Zealand. The TPPA may also introduce copyright enforcement regimes that would give large companies the right to censor the Internet as currently occurs in the United States under the DMCA.

Open Media, which is an award-winning community-based organization that safeguards the possibilities of the open Internet, is opposing the TPPA. The TPPA has been negociated in secret. If signed it will be in the face of overwhelming opposition by the citizens of the countries involved, primarily because it will implement regulation that large companies have lobbied for. It is a agreement to entrench existing monopoly companies.

In New Zealand there has also been a grass roots movement against the copyright provisions of the TPPA, with the formation of the Fair Deal Alliance.