NZOSS Council for 2016-17

Yesterday's AGM, included participants from around New Zealand using open standards-based video conferencing software to meet, virtually, and fulfil our Society's obligations for an Annual General Meeting. 

The assembled group has provided us with a streamlined Council (as intended) for the coming year:

  1. Rob Elshire (Palmerston North)
  2. Steven Ellis (Auckland)
  3. Danny Adair (Wellington)
  4. Daniel Reurich (Wellington)
  5. Dave Lane (Christchurch) - president
  6. Tim McNamara (Wellington) - vice president

Rob is a new addition to the council (welcome aboard!) and the others have all had at least one term.

Our Vice President is Tim McNamara, and President is Dave Lane. Daniel Reurich accepted another term as our Treasurer, and we are still to appoint a Secretary.

We're very grateful to our previous Councillors for their hard work and, in many cases, very long service! We would like to thank

  • Grant Paton-Simpson (Auckland)
  • Rose Lu (Wellington)
  • birgit bachler (wellington)
  • Brent Wood (Wellington)
  • Marek Kuziel (Christchurch)
  • Peter Harrison (Auckland)
  • Nicolás Erdödy (Oamaru, North Otago)
  • Jaco van der Mewe (Auckland)
  • Matthew Holloway (Wellington)

for all they have done, and, we're sure, will continue to do to "share the freedom of open source software, open data, and open standards for the benefit of all New Zealanders".

For his great service to the Society, we would especially like to thank Peter Harrison who is stepping down from the Council to focus on another organisation of which he's the President, the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists. Peter is both a former President of the Society as well as its founder (in 2003).

Our new, smaller Council means that we will have an easier time organising monthly meetings (and achieving quorum necessary for formal decision making!), but we will be looking to these committed members of our community (and others, too) to help us by leading various initiatives we will be pursuing in the coming year.

We also look forward to substantially increasing our financial membership this year. We believe we have a significant role to play in New Zealand's civil society, and that our contribution has value to many. We will be making it easy and, we hope, compelling for our informal community to support the Society both with their good will and participation as well as their $20-$40 for an annual membership!

We're looking forward to working with you all this coming year.