MySQL Developer Training

There is quite a bit of interest in this so here are the specific details of Arjen Lentz's courses...

Open Query has scheduled course days in Auckland for MySQL Developers and DBAs. Open Query develops its own training materials, delivered in one day modules. While the modules are scheduled in groups of three, you can sign up for just one or two if that's what you need right now!

Open Query is run by Arjen Lentz, formerly employee#25 at MySQL (2001-2007) and co-author of the recently published 2nd edition of O'Reilly's "High Performance MySQL" book.

Book before August 1st for AUD 50 discount (per training day, per person) (apologies for pricing in AUD - but at least there's no GST)

- Mon 8 Sep: MySQL Installation, Security and User Management(AUD 475)
- Tue 9 Sep: MySQL Backup and Recovery (AUD 475)
- Wed 10 Sep: MySQL InnoDB Performance Tuning (AUD 575)

MySQL Developers
- Mon 3 Nov: MySQL Optimisation by Design (AUD 475)
- Tue 4 Nov: MySQL Storage Engine Optimisation (AUD 475)
- Wed 5 Nov: MySQL 5.0 Upgrade and Advanced Features (AUD 575)

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