LCA 2010 Coming To Wellington

It has been a long held dream to have a second LCA in New Zealand, preferably in my home city, Wellington.

I wrote about this in my newsletter of early 2008.

Fortunately it was not left to actually follow through with the idea. Instead the Capital Cabal team, so energetically led by Andrew and Susanne Ruthven, have put together a stunningly successful bid. The official announcement of the venue was made last night in Hobart - at the closing Penguin Dinner of LCA 2009.

So, congratulations to the Cabal. The hard work really begins now. As well as volunteers LCA 2010 will be looking for sponsors. If you or your business can help please get in touch, now.

More details of the event are to be found at the official, and lovely, Penguins Visiting website.