Launch of 2017 Tech Manifesto

Today, 18 national technology sector communities are launching our 2017 Tech Manifesto.

The goal of this collectively composed manifesto is to guide party policy in the technical area going into the 2017 national election. It represents the united front of our many NZ-wide technology-focused communities and is, we trust, an informative and compelling read for any prospective leaders of NZ.

We look forward to seeing all of these well considered positions implemented in each parties' election platforms, as all of them are non-partisan and simply good for New Zealand.

Participating organisations include:

  • NZTech
  • InternetNZ
  • IT Professionals NZ (ITP)
  • NZRise
  • NZ Software Association
  • Canterbury Tech
  • FinTechNZ
  • HealthIT NZ
  • Health Infomatics New Zealand
  • The NZ Open Source Society
  • Project Management Institute of NZ
  • itSMFnz
  • Test Professionals Network
  • Game Developers Association
  • Precision Ag Association
  • AI Forum
  • VR/AR Association