GPL version 3 hits the streets

The third release of the General Public License was released by the Free Software Foundation today. Jeremy Allison, speaking on behalf of the Samba team, states that they see the new license as “a great improvement on the older GPL,” and that it is “a necessary update to deal with the new threats to free software that have emerged since version 2 of the GPL.”

Novell has released a statement about the new version of the GPL addressing its partnership with Microsoft. Novell says it "welcomes and supports GPLv3 and we appreciate the collaborative process that led to its conclusion." Novell states it will still be able to distribute Linux under GPLv3.

There has not yet been any word from Linus regarding whether he will move Linux to the new version of the GPL, although before the release of GPLv3 he was doubtfull of the purpose of the new licence, and that concerns about the Tivoization of Linux and the Novell-Microsoft deal were greatly overblown.