Christchurch FOSS MeetUp 2

2 March 2016, Catalyst Chch, above Pomeroy's Pub


This week's presentation by Dave Lane on Open Standards: what they are and why NZ might want them.

FOSS Hackathon Options

  1. tour of the NZOSS server and its current services (Ubuntu 12.04, nginx, php5-fpm, ruby on Rails, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, node.js, meteor, Docker, and other technologies)
  2. generating Let's Encrypt SSL certs using Ubuntu 14.04 and nginx
  3. discuss and refine NZOSS Code-of-Conduct see
  4. branding NZOSS Rocket.Chat instance at (see for more on this FOSS alternative to Slack for consolidating multiple communications channels, both synchronous (e.g. instant messaging, IRC) and asynchronous (e.g. email))
  5. updating rocketchat Docker containers, and setting them up to start on system restart
  6. setting up data backups for
  7. starting to document NZOSS infrastructure
  8. branding NZOSS Etherpad-lite at (see for more on this node.js-based collaborative realtime editing platform)
  9. setting up marketing documents for the NZOSS suitable for paper handouts.

Future Ideas

Hackathon tasks

  • set up a cloud server (running Linux), and deploy a Docker container doing something useful, leaving all useful non-volatile info in underlying server filesystem for persistence/backupability
  • set up two Docker containers that talk to one another


  • What are Vagrant and Docker, and why are they different and for what are they useful?