Catalyst launches Open4Business web site

Catalyst has just launched Open4Business - a site that aims to bring together in one place information on open source software of value to the business sector. We hope the initiative will raise the profile of open source within the sector, as well as provide a ready route to some of the best open source business applications out there.

We would certainly welcome any contributions to the site that will make it a more valuable resource. If you have any suggestions of content, or feedback register on the site and add the content yourself.

The main audience for Open4Business is probably not highly technical. The aim is to point out the business benefits of open source and get people to high-value information elsewhere that will help them commit to open source solutions.

We have opened a forum which may help shape the purpose of the site as we learn more about what users of the site actually want to know. In the meantime, we hope the site will become something of a flagship
for the New Zealand open source community. While it has a New Zealand 'flavour' it is certainly reaching out to a wider audience overseas.