Amberdms Billing System

The Amberdms Billing System is an open-source web application providing accounting, invoicing, service management and time management functions, designed for small and medium businesses.

Lead developer is Jethro Carr one of Wellington's leading lights in the FOSS and LUG community.



* Provides full double-entry accounting.
* Simple UI makes it easy to create invoices and handle finances
* Ability to export information to CSV or PDF formats

Time Keeping

* Provides timesheet features to allow employees to keep track of hours spent on different projects.
* Easy interface allows you to generate invoices from the hours entered.
* The easy UI and full integration between timekeeping and invoicing features mean you'll never forget to bill customers for hours worked

Service Billing & Management

* Capable of performing regular service billing
* Supports usage-based billing, making the Amberdms Billing System ideal for ISPs or hosting providers.
* Sample code supplied to collect usage information.

Developer Friendly

* Fully open source product, licensed under the GNU AGPL. This allows you to customise the product to suit your requirements - or take advantage of our commercial developer services and have Amberdms do all the development work for you.
* Easy 3rd party integration via a fully documented SOAP API.

Commercial Backing

* High-availability geo-redundant hosted services avaliable from Amberdms, eliminating the need for you to run your own servers and worry about backups and upgrades.
* Commercial support packages available from Amberdms.
* Customisation services available at competitive rates.