2012 AGM - 6 August, 17:30

The NZOSS will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Monday, 6 August at 17:30. It will take place online (using IRC, the #nzoss room on Freenode.org), with physical locations in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch as well for members to gather.

We will be nominating and electing council members and the executive. If you have any interest in taking part in the council or in running for executive office (president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer), please either nominate yourself, or let others know you're keen!

For your reference, the current executive is:

President: Dave Lane
Vice President: Peter Harrison
Secretary: Brenda Chawner
Treasurer: Daniel Reurich

The Council currently includes:
Carl Klitscher
Peter Harrison
Ian Beardslee
Dave Lane
Vik Olliver
Don Christie
Matthew Holloway
Brenda Chawner
Daniel Reurich
Alick Wilson
Mark Foster
Scott Newton
Brent Wood

We will provide further information about venues in the coming weeks for members to gather for the AGM.

You must be a financial member to vote. You're a non-financial member if you're subscribed to the Open Chat mailing list or if you have a user account on this site. If you're not a financial member, you can become one online for the bargain price of $40, valid for a year from the date you pay your membership fee.

If you have any membership questions, contact our Membership Coordinator.