Open Standards NZ Initiative

Our friends have initiated a petition to educate New Zealanders about the state of our government IT procurement, and its complete capture by proprietary interests.

We in the NZOSS do not want to see our government mandate the adoption of open source software - that would not make sense. We believe that would be a natural consequence of our government "levelling the playing field" for software procurement by mandating compliance of all software procured by government with relevant vendor-neutral, royalty-free open standards.

NZ OSM server

Brent Wood and Bruno Kinoshita are developing a local OSM server. Catalyst IT are donating server capability on the Catalyst Cloud to host this system.

It should be live for free use with websites using mapping tools like Leaflet or Open Layers, or desktop GIS tools like QGIS, gvSIG, uDIG, etc., around August 2015.



Brent Wood and Daniel Reurich are developing a live Linux system containing QGIS, and some data and documentation, as a free demonstration for NZ schools and anyone else interested.

A core capability will be pre-loaded links to datasets (map layers) that agencies like CRI's, councils, government departments, etc, make available using web services.