NZ Open Source Society Congratulates Government on Patents Bill Stance

21st April 2010
For Immediate Release

The New Zealand Open Source Society has written to the Minister of Commerce, Hon. Simon Power, to congratulate the National led Government on the stance it has taken with regards to the issue of software patents. The NZOSS has long held the view that software patents are damaging to our industry as a whole, stifling innovation and creating unnecessary and unpredictable risk to this who chose to develop software. Whilst patents do have a chilling impact on the freedoms that free software developers seek to perpetuate through software licensing, the issue is one that impacts the entire industry regardless of preferred licensing models.

Labour party on software patents

The New Zealand Labour party explains its stance on the exclusion of software from patenting. It's about encouraging innovation:

20 April 2010
Media Statement

Software exclusion will encourage Kiwi innovators

The exclusion of computer software from a Patents Bill before Parliament is a step towards helping New Zealand become more innovative Labour MPs Lianne Dalziel and Clare Curran said today.

ACTA To Be Public

Countries involved in ACTA negotiations have unanimously decided to release the text of ACTA for public scrutiny. This news comes after over eight thousand people signed a petition in support of the Wellington Declaration, a document developed at PublicACTA, a public conference to discuss the implications of ACTA held in Wellington last week. [Update]: ACTA Text now attached to this article.

Patent Discussion Hots Up

Several organisations have weighed into the software patent debate. Intergen, who proclaim to be leaders in the application of Microsoft technology, have supported software patents. They join NZICT, an organisation ironically dominated by multinational companies. Ian McCrae of Orion Health, the biggest software exporter in New Zealand has supported the exclusion of software patents joining the 80% of members polled by the New Zealand Computer Society.

NZ Computer Society on Software Patents

Paul Matthews, CEO of the NZCS, sent an email to the NZOSS "open chat" list outlining the his position with regards to software patents. Paul has kindly given us permission to reproduce that email below:


In regards to Software Patents, I would like to first say that we believe that everyone has a fundamental right to protect their own property, and consequently support the *concept* of Copyright and Intellectual Property.