Northtec CIS Newsletter

NorthTec's CIS department has released its first newsletter (see attached). Many thanks to Dr. Albert van Aardt for bringing it to our attention. It is clear that Northtec is interested in teaching people about the fundamentals of computing.

"In Computing and Information Systems, the academic department responsible for IT at NorthTec, we have collected together a real depth of technical expertise. We teach programming in more than 10 languages, database design, web-building, network and system administration, and many more technical subjects."

It also recognises the value of community building. This newsletter is not simply targetting an internal audience, just the opposite:

"So we decided that it was time that we should start to share some of this knowledge and expertise with our local community, and the idea of this newsletter was born."

These are quotes from the newsletter by Mary Hobson, Programme Manager.

I hope NorthTec continue with this sort of engagement. I leave you with a final quote from Dr. van Aardt:

"Next we installed Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix on it. To our delight the Acer worked like a charm."