The New Zealand Open Source Society is an incorporated society set up to educate, advocate and advance the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in New Zealand.

What is Open Source software?

Check out our introduction to Open Source. The best way to get started is simply to use it! There is an amazing amount of software freely available to you today. You're possibly using it without even knowing it - the popular Firefox browser is FOSS software, and the search engine Google is built on top of an international Linux infrastructure. For more examples and things you can download for free today, see our Getting Started With Free and Open Source page.

What does the NZOSS do?

The Open Source and companion Free Software movements are shaking up big business. Some companies, such as IBM, Novell and Oracle, are throwing their weight behind it; some have declared an intention to destroy it before realising it wasn't going away (by definition), and they have to change their mindset.

NZOSS represents Free and Open Source Software users, creators and contributors in New Zealand by promoting software, representing the interests of the community to Government and the education sector. It also supports community user groups.

Joining NZOSS

To become involved in the activities of the society you simply need to subscribe to our 'OpenChat' online mailing list, which is as easy as visiting the List Info Page. The OpenChat list is the primary discussion mailing list for the NZOSS, and is open to all interested parties, whether a society member or not. (For more information about OpenChat and the other mailing lists that NZOSS Operates, check out our Mailing Lists page.) As an incorporated society, we also maintain an official membership roster. Our annual subscription fee is just $40 for individuals. Joining the NZOSS as a financial member shows your commitment to promoting Open Source Software in New Zealand and provides the society with valuable funds to fight on your behalf in copyright and patent issues. The NZOSS also supports local user groups around New Zealand. Join the NZOSS as a Financial Member Right Now! If you are a family or company and wish to support NZOSS, please use the Contact Page and let us know who you are and how to contact you.

Site Content and Comments

We are currently trialling anonymous comments on the site, but we encourage you to create a user account and then log into the site to simplify adding comments and to lend them credibility (because your name is attached to them), and because you'll have further benefits, such as the ability to subscribe to specific sorts of new content. If you wish to contribute content (stories) or maintain or add site pages please let us know!

Society administration

NZOSS is governed by a constitution and run by an annually elected council.

The New Zealand Open Source Society is registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005. Registration number CC42367.

Community & Social Events

Members of the New Zealand Open Source Society do get together and socialise on regular occasions. They also participate in online communities which allow both professional and personal networking with other like-minded people. Visit our Community page for further information.